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Photoshop Masterclass

Into the Gloaming - Introduction Video

Now that you've seen behind-the-scenes of what it took to physically create Into the Gloaming come see what was done digitally to master the final artwork.

This masterclass course is a complete walk-through from start to finish on how I created the Into the Gloaming artwork. I cover the basics of file preparation right through to the good stuff like Hair Illustration.

Comprised of 7 downloadable videos (viewable on tablets, phones & computers) this course allows you to learn at your own pace, rewind and skip forward to whatever section interests you the most.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Stages (03:47)
  3. Creating Focal Points (10:45)
  4. Prep & Cleanup (26:17)
  5. Beauty Retouching (39:04)
  6. Hair Sculpting & Illustration (28:55)
  7. Atmosphere & Grading (19:58)
  8. Final composite work (41:59)

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