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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you run workshops or have tutorials available?
Yep, you can check them out here!
Can I do work experience or assist you?
You can add your details here and if we need you for a shoot we'll get in touch.
Is your work available to purchase?
Yes, editioned prints from all of my collections including The Regal Twelve & The Royal Dozen series are available to purchase, check out the full catalogue here.
Are you available for commissions?
Yes, I frequently work on commissions, please get in touch and we'll get the ball rolling.
Are you available for private commissions?
Yes, I am frequently asked to do private commissions, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea you'd like to make come alive. To get things moving it's best to send through imagery you're looking to achieve. Tear pages from magazines or reference films, something to get me started.
Do you do your own post-production?
Yes, I handle all the post-production work on all my images.
Do you have any upcoming shows?
Yes, be sure to check the exhibitions page for upcoming exhibitions!
Do you speak at conferences?
Yes, be sure to check the events page for any upcoming events I may be participating in!
Do you have a book?
Sometime soon... meanwhile why not download my iPad coffee table app: Homage for iPad.
Where do you exhibit? Where was your last exhibition?
At the time of writing my last exhibition was at The Royal Armoury. Be sure to check the exhibitions page for upcoming exhibitions!
Where are you based?
Sydney, Australia. However I have worked on projects in Europe, Asia, Pacific and the United States.
What camera do you currently use?
You can see my full kit list over on gearly.
What software do you use?
Adobe Photoshop for composite & retouching work. Lightroom for Digital Asset Management. Capture One for tethered shooting.
Do you shoot your own backgrounds & animals?
Yes, a lot of my budget goes into traveling to get specific backgrounds and props. You can follow my travels on my blog and keep up to date with what I'm shooting and where I shoot it.
Who & what inspires you?
Do you teach / tutor?
Yes, Please register your interest on the workshops page.
Did you study photography?
Yes, I studied fine arts and majored in both photography & sculpture.
How long does it take to produce one of your artworks?
Depending on the complexity it can take anywhere from 2 days to about 3 months.
On average how many layers are in each artwork?
Anywhere from 50 to 500.
Do you work with a stylist?
  • Fine Art: I personally style all of my fine art projects.
  • Commercial: To maximise time efficiency I have worked with many stylists on shoots, however I have also been asked to fill both roles and have done so comfortably.
Where do you get your costumes & props?
If time/budget permits I'll source costumes & props, however the majority of the time I manufacture my own costumes & props.
Are you a feminist?
As I've focused on female series for a while, this question tends to pop up. I consider myself an equalist, I love all creatures great and small ;-)
How do you do the hair in your artworks?
I like to experiment in photoshop and as such my technique is always evolving. I always freehand illustrate using Photoshop's brush tool. However it is important to note I do not use vector based tools (Pen tool) to illustrate within my artworks.