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Only days until Semi-Permanent

The excitement grows with only days until I take the stage at Semi-Permanent. I'm sitting here in my studio, adding the final touches to my ahem let's say interesting talk that I'll be giving on the opening day of the conference.

It's just occurred to me that here in Sydney we're two hours behind of Auckland, that means come 9am when I deliver my talk to fifteen-hundred chic Aucklanders my body will be aching for my not so sophisticated PJ's and a strong double shot latte.

Alas, no time to dwell on such dilemmas. I'm booked to shoot NZ Opera's latest advertising campaign in the days following Semi-Permanent (more on that later), how does one squeeze in their stilettos around the lappy and blad? Surely Eugenio Recuenco doesn't have this problem!

Tomorrow you'll find me on the other side of the Tasman.