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Fine Art requires patrons

The Fantasy

I'm constantly amazed by the cliché perception many people have about my life as an artist.

We're all aware that my life as an artist is a privileged life, a lavish daydream where the bohemian artist survives on the abundant offerings of a money tree and floats through her days on the sweet scent of spring air and infinite opportunities that simply land in her lap.

Unfortunately, this naive fantasy of the archetypal artist is often to the detriment of the struggling freelance artist who never actually knows when her next crust will be thrown and continually reinvests into the next slavishly produced artworks.

Why struggle to be an artist at all? I'm an artist because this is what I was born to do. It is my salvation, my sustenance, my heart and my soul. It may often be my sweat, my tears, my blood and all of my savings! But it is my mark on this world, and yes, my privilege to be.


Although I am ever grateful for the heart felt and generous compliments that weave their way into my life and my inbox daily, one can't survive on words alone. Please know that the psychological support is most certainly fuel for my fire.

However, financially, artists survive on the generosity of patrons. Patrons are people (often ordinary people) who believe in my work to such a degree that they are prepared to purchase my art to collect and love for life or choose to commission personal works of their own.

Readers, it's time to purchase some art and hang it on your wall and admire it every time you pass it by. Why? Our world would be a very bland place without art. We are in desperate need of a renaissance.


I recently completed a private commission for a gentleman as a gift to his wife. I was to produce a portrait of his wife and was given carte blanche with the themes of this work (a freedom which can be terrifying and extremely challenging) and thankfully, my patron was delighted with this fantasy work (title image). So much so, they further purchased two new artworks. Many thanks indeed go out to them!