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Batch file uploading to Pinterest

Like for many people, pinterest is a brilliant place to store all your inspiration.

I use it on a daily basis to create mood boards for my personal projects, and when working on commissions it's a great place to collaborate with your clients to find out exactly what they're looking for.

Alas, pinterest doesn't do batch or bulk uploading of files very well (not at all). It's also a pain when it comes to editing multiple descriptions or sources.

In fact it takes aproximately 8 seperate clicks to upload a single file. If you've got hundreds to upload that could take hours.

Thus Pinloadr for Mac OSX was born. Pinloadr batch uploads multiple files to a pinterest board with one click. It's available on the Mac App store now, check it out.

pinloadr uploading some of my images
pinloadr uploading some of my images